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About Me

Having worked with many of the industry's top photographers has given me the discipline and nerves to perform under pressure.  I am a highly experienced digital tech that can provide both the photographer and clients with top notch knowledge and service.  in my career I Have over one thousand days on set and extensive domestic and international travel experience that has given be the ability to anticipate almost anything that can happen while shooting. 



Digital Technician

Digital Tech 
maxbox digi

2021 - forever!

As with everything in life, things change. My time was up in Los Angeles.  I moved to Minneapolis and began what would become my 2nd go at the freelance life.  So here I am, fully freelance and ready to do whatever it takes to provide the best experience on set for any photo shoot at anytime, anyplace, anywhere. 

Senior Digital Tech
Smashbox Studios

2015 - 2022

Industrial Color acquired Smashbox Studios in LA in 2015 and within the year Fast Ashley's in Brooklyn changed over.  I was part of the team that helped design and build out the revamped LA studio space.  All the while I was still averaging 110+ days on set a year working with photographers and brands from all over the world.

Digital Tech
Industrial Color

2012 - 2015

early days of digital... Industrial Color pioneered many of today's common practices.  I was lucky enough to become part of the team and learn from the best at that time.  After proving myself I was sent out into the world to work with different photographers from all over the globe.

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